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Bank holiday Weekend delights Dated 07 May 2014....

Posted on May 7, 2014 at 10:40 AM


Bank holiday weekend brings fish to our coastline Dated 07 may 2014...

Hi all what a weekend just gone, first up my early oclock trip with my old mate Alan Duncan,We got up at 03.30hrs on saturday morning to go for the bass as conditions were spot on.The sea looked great and all i wanted alan to get was a proper Bass.

The sea had a cracking roll on it and i just new there was a chance of a big Bass Alan was first to strike with this small Bass below always a good start to the morning.

I had not even got a bait out yet i was setting up,then as we both started fishing i got a cracking bite on my rod and i knew i had a lump on iether a smoothound or a big Bass,whilst i was playing the fish i could feel the kick and pull and i was kinda thinking surely i aint got another big Bass?i asked Alan to wade in and try and crab it for me but just as he started to wade in the fish came off i was gutted!!!And i know i had a big fish on.but then whilst moving Alans stand,his line went slack and i knew he had something decent on i then had to wade into the water.and there she was a nice big Bass Alans first proper fish. The man was so so happy i was over the moon as i knew there was more to be had the fish was between 5 and 6lb not bad for a guest sea Angler and probally to most people alan would admit a fish off a life time.below are a few pictures off his fish.

  photo 2

Moving on then we started getting alsorts with the tide getting near high water.bit splash and dash below.

we started getting a mixed bag of fish.flounders codling dabs and basslets.

Moving on then the second trip i had ago with my old mate Karl and how the next day can be a diffrent from the last the sea was so rough the day before but the next it had dropped to a flat calm sea ideal for the smoothounds you would think.

Same as the day before fresh peeler crab was the bait off choice.Now Karl is a top match Angler on the fresh water seen and has drifted away from sea fishing the last three years to concnetrate more on his match fishing.now he has just got back into sea fishing and is a very good long distance caster.now i have bigged him up, ill tell the truth lol.well picture this folks a flat calm sea and a hot sun not ideal for cod you would think.well Karl had three off these out and two were at 40 to 50 yards.

The bonus is that he is smiling in this photo to,its so hard to get a smile out off him but i manged it that was a big challenge, i have nick named him the 40 yard codling chucker all his codling were up to 3lbs or more well done Karl.But it does not stop there we had a good mixed bag off fish.

 Flounders,whiting and smothound pups and Karls nice cdoling.I have proper enjoyed myself this weekend gone and i cant wait until the next one.as i write pk and Karl are fishing today ie the 7th may 2014.. 


Below karl with one off our 11 Hounds caught a cracking little trip.The Hound below Karls is from my last trip.

Hounds are about......

Just to finish up im looking forward to the next trip,there are plenty of hounds in now and reports of a few big ones to.i would say if your going go with peeler crab and fish at night or early morning the wind is set to change well into next week so the sea will stay calm and might lose a bit off color.but folks good luck what ever your fishing for.


My blog 2011 also Below my best ever shore caught fish 14LB 10 oz Bass returned to the sea

Posted on March 23, 2010 at 8:45 PM

Fish protection around the uk and the world in my own words... 

The end off the line...

It seems to me that most people in the world are blind to what is going on in are seas across the globe i for one am concerned as it effects us all in some way.if you are a sea angler who fishes around are coastline you will know that fishing this winter 2009 and spring for codling and cod has been the worst for years,how can we stop this happening trawling long lining,unfortunately we cant do it physically but what we can do is return are adult fish so they can breed,I'm all for someone taking a bass or a codling home around the 2 to 3lb mark but i for one return all my adult fish and undersize fish.... Jc Bale.....

sign up to hughs fish fight below



Above my best ever sea fish a 14lb 10 oz bass.....

What a night and day it was,trying to remember this here folks as I've lost the original report. The wind was north West and the sea was rough.I caught my Bass at about 0600hrs that morning i was there at 0230hrs and from the off started catching small schoolie Bass,i was casting out into the surf getting to them,then this is now where my story begins,using a single rod stand set up

as that is the way i like to fish in the summer so that if the fishing is slow i can use my rolling lead method to cover more area of beach plus if i lump into a big bass or smoothhound theres no problem with the line.carrying on it must have been about 0600hrs on June the 6th,using peeler crab with English lug i cast out into the surf into a deep gully,my phone rang as i was standing around watching my rods i answered it,it was the wife what time you coming home,i swear as she said that my left hand rod in the picture crashed down and gave me the biggest slack liner ever seen,there was no reeling in with the fish coming towards me this time,this was taking me down the beach,whilst i was crapping myself saying keep the pressure on dont lose it. and after a battle for about 20 minutes i then manged to get her to a sand bank,and like a goal keeper i dived on her with delight,swearing singing shouting you name it.i got her in safe to the shore,i then thawt Christ no one will believe me and i didn't want to kill such a cracking fish.

so then with only 80 pence left on my phone i rang my friend ian holmes who lived local to ask if he would come down and take some photos and be a witness to her before i let her go.so with the tide going out i was holding her in my pike sack to keep her alive,Ian come down and took some photos and weighed her.to Ian i owe him everything and he was great for coming to my aid,then the legend ie Paul Kerry came down and just as he came down i bagged a 2lb codling,what a day and one ill never forget for as long as i live, and the response Ive had for letting her go is brilliant thanks,also i manged to get in the Sea angler and Total sea fishing magazines.also my local papers,guys I'm all for catch and release it is the way ahead,i was told by a guy that that fish was 30 years old that i caught,just think it has never been netted or caught on a long line .and at the end off the day you have to give it respect....